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Materials Accepted


What We Recycle
We can take the following items for recycling:
Aerosols (Household) - Limits apply
Batteries (Up to 2kg FOC, over 2kg €10.00 each)

Cardboard & cardboard packaging (Dry only)
Clean plastic bags
Clothing and footwear

Drink and Food Cans (Clean)
DVDs & CDs
Electrical goods e.g. TVs, Computers & Videos
Flat Glass
Fluorescent Tubes, Lamps & Light Bulbs
Garden Waste (grass/hedge cuttings but No soil)
Glass Bottles (Jars)
Mixed Paper (Junk mail & envelopes)

Mixtures of concrete, bricks, tiles, ceramics
Mobile Phones/Phones
Oil Filters - ***Limits apply
Paint Tins (Up to 5 tins, €2.00 per tin thereafter)
Plastic Bottles
Plastics (hard i.e. toys Tupperware etc.)
Plastic Oil Containers (up to 5 litres)
Scrap Metal

Soils and Stones* (excluding topsoil, peat, soil and stones from contaminated sites)

Soils and Stones* (only from garden and park waste, excluding topsoil, peat)

Tiles and Ceramics
Timber (Untreated Only)
Tree Cuttings (less than 5 inches in diameter)
Waste Oils (Cooking/car) – ***Limits apply
White goods (Fridges/freezers/cookers and washing
machines/dishwashers/vacuum cleaners/microwaves/
Large household furniture and carpeting (Additional charges apply)
*** When bringing recycling materials to Mungret, there is a limit of 10 litres of both engine and cooking oil. You can also bring 2 oil filters per trip for the standard
gate fee of €5.00.
Larger quantity of the above items are accepted and additional charges apply as
Engine oil is €1.00 per litre
Cooking oil is €0.50 per litre
Oil filters are €2.00 each.
The above charges apply only when you exceed the limits per customer.
We accept Bulky Goods for disposal at all 3 sites.
Additional Charges Apply below:
Mungret rate is by weight:€280 per tonne or €0.28 per kg





















* they are a single-stream waste of a single waste type and are from a single source. They are not contaminated and do not contain other material or substances such as metals, asbestos, plastics, chemicals etc.

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